• Matt Laminate Worktops

    Laminate worktops combine functionality with style to create a practical surface perfect for a busy kitchen. These worktops are easy to install and can fit into any kitchen, size or style. Simple cleaning, using mild detergent and water, can ensure long lasting performance for your work surface. 38mm by 616mm Deep

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  • Smooth Laminate Worktops

    Smooth laminate worktops are cool to the touch. With a square style profile and a smooth finish, they offer a stylish look at a laminate price. 38mm by 616mm Deep  

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  • Textured Laminate Worktops

    Textured laminate worktops offer a tactile alternative to a smooth laminate. Offered in a variety of textures, Radiance, Etched, Honed or Wood Effect, they are an entire collection by themselves. 38mm by 616mm Deep  

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  • Square Edge Laminate Worktops

    Offered in a variety of colours and textures, square edged worktops offer a versatile solution to any base unit, including curved. The square edge of the worktop complements any kitchen style. 38mm by 616mm Deep  

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  • Solid Wood Worktops

    Solid wood worktops add warmth and character to a kitchen. They are suitable for use with any sink and can be profiled or grooved to create intricate detailing. 40mm by 616mm Deep  

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  • High Gloss Laminate Worktops

    Offered with the durability of a laminate worktop, gloss surfaces have a sleek, high sheen finish. 38mm by 616mm Deep.  

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